Thursday, March 19, 2009

Somewhere to go.

Somewhere to go., originally uploaded by Strawberry Holiday.

The flowing sheer skirt, and the amazing detail of the bodice of this ‘Casa Del Shai’ Dress makes it an ideal focus point for the first outfit featured on the "Virtual Look" blog. This look is ideal if you're preparing for an evening out on the town, or parcel, or sim (as the case may be)! All together the hat, bag, and jewelry create a simple, semi-formal feel for a gallery opening, party or strolling with your Second Life® sweetie.

The sheer layered skirt, over the basic mesh pants, makes it an ideal outfit for avs with many shapes, as the skirts easily resize and the pants fit any avatar!

Dress: Casa Del Shai's Xanadu - - SLURL

Bag: Paper Couture's Blossom Bag - - SLURL

Shoes: Periquita "Miss Lulu" in Dark Blue - - SLURL

Hair: Detour Hazy in Carrot - - SLURL

Skin: Detour "Gish" - - SLURL

Eyes: LPP's Doll Eye Scelton - - SLURL

Necklace and Earrings: Paper Couture's Sapphire and Diamonds SLURL

Hat: Periquita Teal Hat - - SLURL

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