Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not so Goth

Not so Goth, originally uploaded by wendyOfNeverland Fussbudget.

Not normally my style, but I liked the sculpty skirt!

Outfit: Zwaffel 03 by Ducknipple

Shoes: Black Gems by HeartsDesire

Hair: * 0 Style *Ami*(Red) by Zero Style

Jeans Jeans Jeans

jeans, originally uploaded by Strawberry Holiday.

Jeans are a staple, in real life, as well as virtual living. I have dozens of pairs. From my first days in Second Life in 2005 till now I've put together quite the collection. These are my favorites. Each one has detail, character, shading, and something special which causes each of them to have a home inside some of my most worn outfits.

1) Eat Rice 'Dingy Jeans' --SLURL

Sadly Eat Rice is closing very soon so if you want one of these pairs of jeans with a cute anime girl on the leg, go now! It's your last chance (and they're half off).

2) G&G and GOK 'Sacred Blood Jeans' --SLURL

A recent acquisition, these bloody stained jeans come in a set full of clothing that will make you right at home in a post apocalyptic roll playing sim!

3) Canimal 'Jeans' --SLURL

They're made by Canimal. What more can I say? She rocks. She's been one of my favorite designers since 2005 when i first ran into a little Canimal shop with some amazing striped tights, like nothing I'd seen in SL before.

4) Mia's 'Gogo 88' --SLURL

MiaSnow Myriam is an amazingly talented designer who makes skins, hair, and clothing! She has unique, punky clothing, and a shop I return to again and again! Plus who can resist jeans with naked women on them?

5) KANA-NA 'Tattoo Jeans' --SLURL These tattoed gems were one of my first pairs of "embellished" jeans. I love the colro and the rip, and wear them when i dress in Torley colors.

6) Eat Rice! 'Orange Lush Short' --SLURL

Another pair of fantastic animeish jeans from Eat Rice! Again, they're closing. Everything is half off. Get it while you can!